hidden europe 50

Preview of hidden europe 51

by hidden europe


A look ahead at hidden europe 51 which will be published on 7 March 2017.

With fifty issues of hidden europe under our belts, you may wonder if we are running short of ideas. The answer if most definitely no. On the contrary, we are struck how, even after fifty issues, there is so much of Europe which we have simply never covered in the magazine. In hidden europe 51, we shall explore the Polish capital, looking at the rich threads of Jewish life and culture in Warsaw. As befits an issue of the magazine published in Lent, we shall look at calvaries, the sacred hills found in many parts of Europe. And much more besides.

Our next issue is published on 7 March 2016, which happens to be the feast of Saints Perpetua and Felicity. Both women came to an unhappy end in North Africa, so any parallels between our endeavours as two female editors and the lives of Perpetua and Felicity must be limited.