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New CalMac Contract

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Picture above: CalMac's MV Loch Alainn (seen here at Eriskay) plies the Sound of Barra (photo © hidden europe).


The network of car ferries operated by Caledonian MacBrayne is part of the fabric of island life in Scotland's Western Isles. No trip to the Hebrides is complete without a journey or two on a CalMac ferry. The company has just secured a new contract for operating links to some of the remotest communities in the Hebrides.

There was a ripple of applause throughout the Hebrides on 1 October as Caledonian MacBrayne’s new contract for west coast services came into effect. After years of uncertainty, CalMac now has a secure contract to provide lifeline services to remote Hebridean communities as part of a wider network of Scottish routes.

Although there has been some disquiet over CalMac’s performance on certain routes, the company has been part of the lifeblood of the Hebrides, with the coming and going of the ferries defining the rhythm of daily life in smaller islands such as Colonsay, Coll and Barra.

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