hidden europe 17

Palindromic puzzles

by hidden europe


Surely the most bizarrely eccentric article we have ever published. We take a look at European communities with palindromic place names. From Eye to Eze and Sarras to Serres!

In the classics, the goddess Circe is alleged to have lived at Aeaea, a place name that is memorably consonant-free. It also happens to be palindromic. Eccentric we may be, but a few years ago, we went to quite some lengths to be in the very centre of a German village called Burggrub at lunchtime on a particular day. The day was 20 February 2002 , and at 12.21 we positioned ourselves in the square. Nothing special happened, but there was something peculiarly satisfying about enjoying a palindromic moment on a palindromic date in a palindromic village. Magic, actually!