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For travellers with their ice axes and crampons at the ready, Svalbard (Spitsbergen) is about to come a whole lot closer, with a Norwegian budget airlines offering flights in 2008 to the Arctic archipelago.

Our feature on northern Norway highlights that it was once possible to travel all the way to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) by regular scheduled shipping services. Run as an offshoot of the regular Hurtigruten services, selected summer season sailings headed north from Honningsvåg to the Svalbard capital at Longyearbyen. The services also served five other Svalbard ports. When the MS Lofoten made her debut on these Svalbardruta services in 1968, there was no easy air access to the Svalbard archipelago. With the opening of the airport at Longyearbyen in 1975, passenger numbers on the shipping services slumped. The ships to Svalbard survived another few seasons, but by then there were regular air services into Longyearbyen from both Russia and Norway.

Until now, Svalbard has been a pricey destination to reach by air, but that changes next summer.

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The Italia left its Milan base in mid April, under the command of Umberto Nobile. Destination: the North Pole. In late May, the pioneer aviators reached their goal. But luck was not on their side. Returning south towards Spitsbergen, the Italia was damaged in a storm and plunged onto the pack ice.

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The number of Russians making cross-border journeys into northern Scandinavia to go shopping leapt by over a third last year. They head for small towns in northern Finland and some even continue into Sweden to visit the world's northernmost branch of IKEA.