hidden europe 21

Travellers' tales

by Nicky Gardner

Picture above: image © Dawn Hudson / dreamstime.com


The tale of three men, each of whom took a very unconventional approach to travelling around Europe.

The wonderful thing about working with hidden europe is the access it affords to a fabulous range of eccentrics. Last autumn we were contacted by Kris Mole, a twentyfour year old English teacher from southern England, looking for a little advice about how best to travel round Europe for free. Kris' aim was to rely entirely upon the kindness of strangers as he visited twenty-six countries around Europe. Despite cautionary mutterings from hidden europe, Kris set out from Britain on 1 November 2007 with not a penny on him. Not even a credit card for any little emergencies that might arise.

Kris Mole’s trust in human nature knew no bounds and he was evidently well rewarded by folk he met along the way.