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Harefares or hare-brained

by hidden europe

Picture above: image © Sean Gladwell / dreamstime.com


Route indexing services seem to be all the rage with many new websites offering advice on who flies where, and each claiming to be better than its rivals. Harefares invited us to cast an eye over their website, which they claim is the most complete for the continent. It turned out to be sorely wanting.

Have you noticed the growing number of websites that purport to give you insider information on which airline flies where? You know, sites that might reveal famously idiosyncratic information of the kind in which we revel. Like that useful Syrian Arab Airlines flight from Vienna to Berlin every Sunday morning which at a fixed fare of €70 one way and with a nice Middle East style snack en route is by far the most interesting flight of the week linking the Austrian and German capitals.

harefares (www.harefares.com) is one of a new crop of web resources that claim to advise on how best to fly from A to B. harefares contacted us and invited us to review their website.