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World Cup frenzy will doubtless be at its height when the next issue of hidden europe is published in Berlin on Tuesday 4 July 2006. Subscribers in most parts of Europe can expect mail delivery by publication day. We have roamed across the continent, and yet still we discover virgin territory. Quite how we have come to omit Croatia thus far is inexplicable. But we must make amends and in July we shall report from the village of Zejane in Istria. And we shall welcome guest contributor Laurence Mitchell with an essay on the Georgian Military Highway across the High Caucasus. Elsewhere in hidden europe 9, we shall report on unusual gardens in Sweden and the Czech Republic, touch down in the Azores and reveal some of our favourite bars. Meanwhile, our regular e-newsletter offers a dose of hidden europe between issues. You can sign up for it at www.hiddeneurope.co.uk.