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A look ahead at hidden europe 64 which will be published on 15 July 2021.

Readers will have discerned that we have to think very creatively about hidden europe content in these days of such constrained travel. So many of our future plans are qualified by question marks. But we are quietly hopeful that issue 64 of hidden europe, published on 15 July, will feature Sicily’s long-established Albanian community with a report from the town of Piana degli Albanesi. We’ll also discover that there’s life aplenty and even quiet beauty in the radiation-tainted exclusion zone around the former nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine and carry a feature on a rare marshland habitat in a London suburb.

We have made a few changes to our website over the winter. Henceforth, we are focusing on our www.hiddeneurope.eu domain, though if you search for pages with the .co.uk suffix you will be redirected to the corresponding .eu page. Readers have asked if Brexit means any change in arrangements for our UK subscribers. For us, it means extra paperwork and extra costs (as postage to non-EU destinations is higher), but we certainly remain committed to serving the UK market.