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Hidden europe 38: threads


Threads…. in which we revisit themes reviewed in earlier issues of hidden europe.

Let’s just take a moment to give an update on previous hidden europe articles. Our guest contributor Nigel Roberts tackled a difficult theme when he wrote for us in issue 32. His article looked at the care available for children in Belarus with severe health issues. Ivan Agaphonov featured centre-stage in that beautiful but provocative essay, as Nigel described the life of this teenager and his family in Vetka in southeast Belarus.

This is just an excerpt. The full text of this article is not yet available to members with online access to hidden europe. Of course you can read the full article in the print edition of hidden europe 38.
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Rail update: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

New rail timetables for the former Soviet Union come into effect later this month. There remains some uncertainty about some services, but for travellers heading east, here are a few thoughts on what to expect: the return of the Berlin to Kaliningrad night train, a new link from Riga to Minsk, a direct daily train from Berlin to Ukraine and more.