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Crossing the lagoon

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The Stettiner Haff or Szczecin Lagoon is one of Europe's unsung water bodies, a vast area of shallow saline water that is home to many birds. Seasonal ferry services cross the lagoon in the summer months, allowing travellers to explore this remote area on the German-Polish border.

The Szczecin Lagoon (referred to in the above feature) exemplifies the way in which land and sea ambiguously blend along the southern coast of the Baltic. The lagoon is a significant body of water, a dozen times larger than Scotland’s Loch Ness and a third larger than Lake Geneva. At its seaward margin two islands hem in the lagoon, so that access to the open sea is restricted to narrow channels. This watery wilderness deserves to be better known.

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Focus on fish

Many a coastal community, and even one or two inland spots, have realised that there's no better way to promote trade and tourism than through a colourful display of freshly landed fish and other seafood.

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A Russian diversion

The Imperial Russian Standard, with the double-headed eagle so intimately associated with the Romanovs, still hangs in the living room of a wooden lodge on the bank of a river in southern Finland. We visit the former holiday home of the Russian tsars.

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Beyond the Small Homeland

Mishar Tatars and Lipka Tatars have been quick to assimilate into the communities to which they migrated. We discover how they moved through the Baltic region, settling in Lithuania and Finland, with some moving on to Sweden and the United States of America.