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Cyprus links

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A range of new shipping links now gives Cyprus new status as a stepping stone to ports in the eastern Mediterranean. We report on new services from Cyprus to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Israel.

Truly dedicated devotees of scheduled shipping services might be intrigued by recent developments in the eastern Mediterranean, with the divided island of Cyprus this past summer enjoying a range of new links with neighbouring Middle East countries.

Some years ago the Poseidon Lines ship Olympia set sail every Monday from the Greek port of Piraeus, bound for Israel with stops along the way in Rhodes and Cyprus. The service ended in late 2001.

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Turtle notes

More on turtles! We like turtles. This time, we report from the Karpas peninsula of northern Cyprus. The waters around the peninsula are home to both green turtles and loggerhead turtles.

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Painted churches

The UNESCO World Heritage List features many ornately decorated churches across Europe. The List includes the painted monasteries of southern Bukovina (described elsewhere in this issue), as well as murals on churches in Switzerland, Bulgaria and Germany - not to mention the fabulous painted churches of the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus.