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a look ahead at hidden europe 3

hidden europe returns to Paris in the next issue, this time not to ride the Orient Express, but to capture, in capital moments, the scents and sounds of the city and its suburbs. And we report from Maticní Street in Ústí nad Labem on the raw deal often experienced by Europe’s Roma population. We explore some of Europe’s bizarre little enclaves (or do we mean exclaves?), like Campione d’Italia and Llívia, both communities which are politically part of one country and yet are seemingly located within the territory of another nation.

And, also in our July 2005 issue, we visit a Swiss watchmaking town that numbers among its sons the architect Le Corbusier and automobile pioneer Louis Chevrolet. Beyond City Limits returns with a look at day trips from Kraków. And what’s a hogback? Read more in hidden europe 3, published on 1 July.