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Seaplanes and helicopters

by hidden europe


Yes, flying between major airports may have become boring, but there are still interesting ways to fly in some parts of Europe. We check out a few scheduled flights by helicopter and seaplane.

At a time when flying between many of Europe's major airports is becoming ever more apt to fray the nerves, it is intriguing to find a number of quirky alternatives to regular jet services still featuring in the airline schedules. For example, helicopters - normally more associated with air ambulances, mountain rescues or forays to oil rigs - still pop up here and there on regular scheduled services.

In this issue of hidden europe we feature Malta, the Lofoten islands and Ceuta, one of Spain's territories in North Africa. All three have helicopter services. Ceuta has a helicopter link with Málaga on the Spanish mainland. Malta and its smaller neighbour, Gozo, are linked by a regular helicopter service.

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