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A look ahead to the next issue of hidden europe.

There is something peculiarly attractive about night trains. In eastern Europe, they are a place where vodka, hard boiled eggs, salami and life stories are shared among strangers. Further west in the continent, night sleepers become ever more comfortable, offering the chance to dine in Milan, board a train just before midnight and wake up in Paris nine hours later. We shall explore some of Europe's night trains in the next issue of hidden europe.

Between the journey and the destination is a moment that often goes unremarked and undocumented: the arrival. So we shall celebrate a few notable arrivals in the January 2007 issue of hidden europe. That aside, we shall visit Italy to taste a mouth-watering platter of Piemonte food. But that's for 2007, and meanwhile we extend to our readers all good wishes for Christmas 2006! hidden europe 12 will be mailed to reach all subscribers by 4 January 2007.