Switching to an .eu domain name

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We have switched the hidden europe domain name from to to clarify that we are based in the European Union. This change has been on the agenda for some time and it seemed a good moment now to implement it.

We have always had multiple domain names for hidden europe. And we know that many of our readers have regularly looked for and found us on our domain, viz.

We have decided that now’s the moment to make a few changes. We shall henceforth be focusing on our .eu domain, so the URL to bookmark is

This is absolutely not a case of ditching Britain. But, as a German publisher, we feel it is right to showcase our commitment to shared European values and cooperation. The .eu domain nicely captures that.

The content of our website has not changed during the process of migrating to the .eu domain. All urls remain unchanged (apart from the domain suffix). So links to pages previously located on the domain still work – they now just reach their .eu domain equivalent.

Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries
(editors, hidden europe magazine)