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Exploring cultures and communities – the slow way

Welcome to hidden europe. We promise a fresh perspective on well trodden trails, and a cool look at undiscovered corners.

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In A Nutshell

hidden europe is a print magazine published thrice annually. We feature a Europe that rarely gets a mention in today’s travel pages. The magazine is dedicated to good travel writing that evokes the spirit of Europe’s diverse landscapes and cultures. We approach every topic with passion, insight, conviction and authority. Find out more about Europe’s most intriguing travel magazine.

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Behind the Scenes

We are a Berlin-based editorial bureau that focuses on cultures and communities in Europe. Apart from publishing hidden europe magazine, we supply text and images with a focus on European culture and travel to various media. We are well known as Slow Travel aficionadoes and people look to us for high-quality prose and creative advice. We also provide consultancy services in the travel area.

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The Latest Issue

The latest issue of hidden europe, published in March 2014, is number 42. Join us as we visit the Danish island of Ærø, follow the crowd at Rijeka’s carnival, travel down the Mani peninsula in Greece and discover a few surprises in the German town of Weimar. We also take the road from Ermelo to Amsterdam to discover New Scotland, take the slow train through the hills of Bohemia, reflect on the European Union’s Eastern Partnerships initiative and delve into the history of the Northern Sea Route. All this, and much more besides, in hidden europe 42.

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Recent Updates

Letter from Europe

The hidden europe blog is called "Letter from Europe" and reports on issues of European culture and travel. Browse our blog online or sign up to receive every new "Letter from Europe" in your inbox.

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  • Letter from Europe

    Sárospatak: a small town in Hungary

    • 15 Apr 2014
    Travelling through north-east Hungary earlier this month, we could so easily have missed Sárospatak. It was a drizzly Sunday afternoon and we turned off the main road merely on a whim. Sárospatak was to us little more than a name on a map. Of ...
  • Magazine article

    Choreographing opinion

    Did Prince Grigor Potemkin really try to fool Catherine the Great into thinking that life in Russia's Black Sea region was rosier than it really was? We think the idea of Potemkin villages is probably a myth, and that Prince Potemkin was guilty of ...