You can of course purchase hidden europe without the need to create an account with us. Creating an account has, however, the following advantages:

  • You do not have to re-enter your personal details every time you purchase an item from hidden europe
  • Your account is a great way for keep track of your orders through the "Order History" section of your account - your invoices included
  • You can store up to five addresses in your address book - and flick between them with a single click
  • You can store items for later purchase in your "wish list"

How to create an account with us

In order to create an account with us, simply click on "create an account" at the top right. Fill in your billing address, choose a password, agrree to our privacy policy and then click "continue". Your account has been created and you can instantly start using it (unless you are creating a business account, see account types below).

Account types

Our default account type is called "individual customer". If you are a private person or a company without a valid EU VAT intracom number (whether based in Europe or elsewhere), then this is the option to go for. If delivery is within the European Union (= EU), then you'll be charged VAT.

If you are a company based in the EU with a valid EU VAT intracom number, you can purchase hidden europe magazine without having to pay VAT. To do so, please register an account with us and choose as account type "business (with VAT intracom no.)". Fill in the necessary information including your VAT intracom number. Once we have checked the validity of your VAT intracom number, you'll be notified by email that your account has been approved.