This is the sixty-first issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Bregenz to Berne: Lands of Silk and Money
  • The Land of Red Gold: Luxembourg's Southern Fringe
  • The Boatbuilder (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • Night Vision: Sleeping Through Europe

PERSPECTIVE: In the Eye of the Beholder: Mountain Views

HIDDEN HISTORIES: One Glorious Summer - Vitebsk in 1920

COMMUNITIES: Heart and Soul - Social Housing in Augsburg

SPECIAL SPACES: Social Isolation Hebridean Style - Rhenigidale

FLIGHTSCAN: Crossing the Med - a Flight of Fancy into Pre-Jet Times

MAPS: The Map-Maker - From Brockley to València


  • Cape Verde Links
  • Beyond the Marais: Punting Traditions
  • Untold Riches
  • The 21.48 from Aachen (by Paul Scraton)
  • Preview of Issue 62 of hidden europe


hidden europe no. 61 (summer 2020)
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