This is the fifty-seventh issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • The Legacy of the San Juan (by Karlos Zurutuza)
  • North Ronaldsay: Both Sides of the Dyke (by Mark Rowe)
  • Faith and Fate in Wojnowo: Old Believers in Poland
  • Rewilding the Wolf Border (by Laurence Mitchell)

CONSUMING MATTERS: Europe's Volcanic White Wines

PERSPECTIVE: The View from Dún Laoghaire

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Silba - A Blissful Stretch of Summer (by Rudolf Abraham)

BOOKS: The Power of the Guidebook

SPECIAL SPACES: The Village of Saint-Ursanne

BYWAYS: Border Making, Border Breaking: The Belarus Frontier


  • Plain Sailing
  • In Search of the Old Believers Today
  • Summit-Level Canals
  • Fifth-Freedom Flights
  • Preview of Issue 58 of hidden europe


hidden europe no. 57 (spring 2019)
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