This is the thirty-ninth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • The route to Zakopane: a journey of the spirit
  • Into the Great Unknown: Rannoch Moor (by Philip Dunshea)
  • Beauty and the Beast (by Diego Vivanco)
  • Parisian prayers: a litany of liturgies (by Duncan JD Smith)

PERSPECTIVE: The ghost of Beeching

RAILSCAN: The Book of Hours

PERFORMING EUROPE: Tartan tactics: creating a national brand

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Life on a mound: visiting Hallig Hooge

MAPS: The Great and the Good: Franz Josef Land

BORDERPOST: Papal exits


  • History for sale
  • Asia in the mind
  • Brand power
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 39 (spring 2013)
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