This is the thirty-sixth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Sanctuary: in the shadow of St Pancras
  • The Mystery of Los Picaos (by Diego Vivanco)
  • England's favourite: the port of Boulogne
  • The art of concealment: Riga (by Neil Taylor)

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Zurich's Moulage Museum (by Duncan Smith)

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Mingulay (by Laurence Mitchell)

FAITH: England's imprint: the Anglican Church in Europe

RAILSCAN: Of trains and tariffs: cross-border rail links in Europe

PEOPLE: Livonian culture in Latvia: Mazirbe (by Toby Screech)

LANDSCAPE: Tussling with the elements: Jutland


  • Agar Town
  • Rites of penance
  • Preview
  • La Maison de la Beurière
  • Ephemeral art
hidden europe no. 36 (spring 2012)
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