This is the thirty-fifth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Ukraine’s Bukovina region (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • Steaming through the Harz Mountains
  • Celebrating British buses
  • Narva and Ivangorod: in the days of prosperity

HERITAGE: Shaping socialist history: Tampere

LANDMARKS: Unforgiving stone (with a poem by Paul JA Hadfield)

FERRYSCAN: An Indian summer of passenger shipping

SPECIAL SPACES: Botany in Paradise (by Iain Bamforth)

POLITICS: Timing matters

EUROPE BEYOND EUROPE: Viking voyages: Eirik Raudes Land


  • Red Star Sofia
  • Libyan links
  • Preview
  • Better prospects
  • The lunch that never was
hidden europe no. 35 (winter 2011/2012)
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