This is the thirty-third issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Orbiting Birmingham
  • In search of a new role: the port city of Szczecin
  • Border assets: travels on the frontier
  • Brittany: close encounters (by Patricia Stoughton)

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Cologne’s subterranean chandelier (by Duncan JD Smith)

RAILSCAN: Europe by rail: Balkan images

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: cast in stone: the island of Rømø

FERRYSCAN: Scotland – fast ferries

PEOPLE: out of place, but not out of mind

MONEY MATTERS: more than small change

SPECIAL SPACES: Porto Santo: a desert island?


  • crossing the lagoon
  • girls on the bridge
  • by ferry to Russia
  • preview
hidden europe no. 33 (spring 2011)
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