This is the thirty-second issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • where empires collide: Zemun, Serbia (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • of obstacles and opportunities: the Rhine Falls
  • Devon's hidden churches (by Hilary Bradt)
  • Croatia's Lonjsko polje and Turopolje (by Rudolf Abraham)

SPECIAL SPACES: Eastern encounter: perspective on the German capital

PERSPECTIVE: Switzerland beyond the Alps

FAITH: the mystery of the mikveh

TIMING: changing horizons: new hope for Kharkiv and Kazan

PEOPLE: so what really needs correcting here (by Nigel Roberts)

BOOKS: competing with the guidebook

OFF LIMITS: old submarines come home to die: Severodvinsk


  • supersitious minds
  • sea and Sardinia
  • Polish connections
  • cruise ferry update
  • preview
hidden europe no. 32 (winter 2010/2011)
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