This is the twenty-seventh issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Italy: Thomas Hanbury's garden
  • Georgia: a visit to Akhaltsikhe (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • Vienna: beneath the Austrian capital (by Duncan JD Smith)
  • hints of the East: Islamic architecture

TERRITORIES: ecclesiastical geographies

FERRY SCAN: new lives for old ships

OUTPOST: Russia: the Kola Sámi

RAIL SCAN: Berlin connections: the Moscow to Paris express

PERSPECTIVE: over the fence: the EU's eastern neighbours

HIDDEN HISTORIES: monkey business: in search of the elixir of youth

ODDBALL: seaside comforts

ROUTES: Switzerland: towards the Simplon


  • Norway by plane
  • preview
  • the island of Gavdos
  • a submarine secret
hidden europe no. 27 (July/August 2009)
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