This is the eighth issue of hidden europe magazine published in May 2006.

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  • two villages in Macedonia (by Christopher Deliso)
  • Zeitz stopped and stared (Germany)
  • the freedom train (Kosovo) 
  • city of the Muse: Barga (by Adam J Shardlow)

EUROPE BEYOND EUROPE: public alley 438

PEOPLE: gnome world

SPECIAL SPACES: hidden cavities: dental tourism

FLIGHT SCAN: extraordinary airports

MOMENTS: a Welsh encounter

BORDERPOST: half a rood of sand (with material by Bill McStay)

WORDS: Loch Fyne histories (with a poem by Paul Hadfield)

OUTPOST: Gammalsvensky: a Swedish village in Ukraine


  • barszcz and bigos
  • preview
  • the way to Philadelphia 
  • endgame

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hidden europe no. 8 (May / June 2006)
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