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This is the sixty-second issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Slovenia: the Juliana Trail (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • Carried on the Wind: Walking with Rilke (by Paul Scraton)
  • The Teplice Confession: Rock Cities of Bohemia
  • Exploring Baedeker's Switzerland: Travel Guides

HIDDEN HISTORIES: The D'Annunzio Affair: the Free State of Fiume

BORDERPOST: Beating the Border: Catholic Dioceses in Ireland

PEOPLE: Who was Friedrich Oswald?

SPECIAL SPACES: The Ghost of Machiavelli (by Kirsty Jane Falconer)

FAITH: Eastern Crescent: Islam in the Baltic Region


  • Scandinavian Ferry News
  • Wuppertal's Famous Son
  • What's in a Name: the Sudety Story
  • Exploring Europe on Foot
  • Beyond the Small Homeland
  • the Home of Esperanto
  • Preview of Issue 63 of hidden europe