This is the fifty-sixth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Return to Marienbad: The Ghosts of Mariánské Lázne
  • Dancing by the Danube: Mohács (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • For the Love of Libraries: Leuven (by Caroline Mills)
  • Lithuanian Enigma: A Visit to Druskininkai

BORDERPOST: Drawing a Line in the Water: The Caspian Sea

BEYOND EUROPE: Another Switzerland: Jyrgalan (by Laurence Mitchell)

ROUTES: The Swiss Jura by Train

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Life on the Lake: The Isola dei Pescatori in Lago Maggiore

FLIGHTSCAN: Northern Promise, Northern Woes: Beyond the Arctic Circle


  • Bohemian Waters
  • Russians in Bohemia
  • Central Europe by Night
  • Boundary Lakes
  • CityStar Tickets
  • Preview of Issue 57 of hidden europe
  • A Trio of Leuven Carillons
  • Dzukija National Park


hidden europe no. 56 (winter 2018/2019)
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