This is the fifty-fourth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Peaks of the Balkans: The Lhasa of Europe (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • Checkmate in Yerevan (by Emma Levine)
  • Vintage Views: Railways and Wine Tourism
  • Lanzarote's White Gold (by Diego Vivanco)

PERSPECTIVE: Worldcraft - A Wander through the World of Words

WORDS: Remembering Paul - A Tribute to Paul Hadfield

ON LOCATION: Reel Fun - Scotland's Mobile Cinema

SPECIAL SPACES: A Night at Burg Bernstein (by Duncan JD Smith)

ROUTES: Going Against the Flow - The Unofficial Way to IJmuiden

HIDDEN HISTORIES: The Other United States - An Island Polity


  • The Spinetta Report
  • Off-track
  • Preview of hidden europe 55
  • On a Starry Night


hidden europe no. 54 (spring 2018)
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