This is the fifty-third issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Bradford: Samosas on the Terraces (by Emma Levine)
  • Novi Becej: A River Town out of Season (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • 700 Years of Silence: Discovering the Spirit of Gotland
  • Egirdir: A Day by the Lake (by Chris Deliso)

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Two Peas in a Pod: Denmark's Eastern Edges

CONSUMING MATTERS: An Apiarist in Sardinia (by Jan Fuscoe)

RAILSCAN: Exploring Europe by Train

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Brush Strokes: Albert Operti and Polar Art

PERSPECTIVE: Sunderland and Ginger Beer: The Anti-Tourism Movement

FLIGHTSCAN: Playing the Rural Card: Air Services to Remote Airports


  • Bradt Guide to Serbia
  • Boat-shaped Graves
  • Preview of hidden europe 54
  • Fishing Stations on Gotland and Fårö


hidden europe no. 53 (winter 2017/2018)
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