This is the fifty-second issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Islands on the Edge: Exploring Barra dn Vatersay
  • Eric and the Windmill (by Diego Vivanco)
  • Puppetry in Prague (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • The City by the Elbe: Torgau and the Reformation

MONEY MATTERS: Motifs and Motivations: Europe's Banknotes

SPECIAL SPACES: Making Time for Trujillo (by Laurence Mitchell)

BOOKS: Imaginary Wanderings: Switzerland in a Box

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Slovenia's Cerkno Hills (by Paul Scraton)

BORDERPOST: Defying Borders: Transgression in European Sport

OFF LIMITS: Travels with Frank Lloyd Wright


  • Hebridean Hostels
  • Faking Bruges
  • Smock Mills
  • Rail Travel News
  • Lutherstadt Torgau
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 52 (summer 2017)
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