This is the fifty-first issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Rediscovering Warsaw: Jewish Life in Poland
  • Kosovo: Prizren's World of Silver (by Emma Levine)
  • Calvaries: the Gospel in Stone (by Patricia Stoughton)
  • The Place by the Bay: the Butrint Story

ROUTES: Follow the Red Brick Road: Baltic Gothic Architecture

SPECIAL SPACES: Warsaw's Srodmiescie district

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Cramond: a Village in Edinburgh (by Duncan JD Smith)

BOOKS: More than Hours & Minutes: Cook's First Timetable

TRUE STORIES: #AlternativeFacts: Keeping the Barbarians at Bay

OFF LIMITS: The Shallow and the Deep: Maritime Geographies

RAILSCAN: Beware of Assassins: the Dangers of Train Travel


  • Out of the Shadows
  • Bookmark: Jízdní rád
  • Taking the Tram
  • Tale of a Tupolev
  • Exploring the Butrint Region
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 51 (spring 2017)
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