This is the fiftieth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Outer Hebrides: Only Fit for Wild Ducks
  • Albania: A Tale of Two Valleys (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • Sidelined by History: The Czech-German Borderlands
  • Town and Gown: The Two Sides of Oxford Life

COMMUNITIES: The Swiss Factor: From Chexbres to the Black Sea

PERSPECTIVE: Cityscapes - Belgrade and Beyond

ART: Exploring the Poprad Valley

BOOKS: Improbable Places

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Croatia - A Resort in Ruins (by Duncan JD Smith)

RAILSCAN: Connecting Communities - Cross-Border Rail Links


  • Hebridean Narratives
  • New CalMac Contract
  • Exploring the Ore Mountains
  • Visa News
  • Socialist Architecture in Yugoslavia
  • News from Haidemühl
  • Catholic Oxford
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 50 (winter 2016/2017)
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