This is the forty-seventh issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • The Saxon villages of Transylvania (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • More than just Calvin: the Geneva story
  • Portrait of a Berlin suburb: Marienfelde
  • Eatern connections: rail links through Ukraine

ROUTES: Slow train to Sarajevo: 20 years after Dayton

BOOKMARK: In from the cold: Britain's mountain bothies

CITYSCAPES: Skylines: the makings of a city

BEYOND EUROPE: The walnut forests of Arslanbob (by Laurence Mitchell)

SPECIAL SPACES: No space for Marx

CONNECTIONS: The spine of Russia

HIDDEN HISTORIES: All change at Westbahnhof (by Duncan JD Smith)


  • Pleasure or pain
  • Mennonite migrants
  • Keeping track
  • Ukrainian-Russian links
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 47 (winter 2015/2016)
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