This is the forty-sixth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Spits and shingle: the Suffolk shore (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • Amid the waves: Heimaey (by Phil Dunshea)
  • Exploring Lisbon with Pessoa (by Iain Bamforth)
  • Heart and soul: the spirit of Altötting

ROUTES: North from Paris: with Eurostar and Émile Zola

BOOKMARK: Revisiting the Cairngorms

BEYOND EUROPE: The bridge to Dejima Island

OFF LIMITS: Of princes and politics: the Danube wetlands

RAILSCAN: Taste and travel: regional fare on Britain's trains

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Pity the poor horses

PERSPECTIVE: The borders of reality: panoramas


  • Est: writing about East Anglia
  • A station in the shadows
  • Railway ghosts
  • Elbe excursions
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 46 (summer 2015)
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