This is the forty-second issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Double act: the Danish island of Ærø
  • Zvoncari: Rijeka Carnival (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • Mani: where God grew stones (by Duncan JD Smith)
  • Bright banquets in the Elysian Vale: musings on Weimar

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Second chance for the Northern Sea Route

EUROPE BEYOND EUROPE: Exploring New Scotland

PERSPECTIVE: Meaningful partnerships for eastern Europe

RAILSCAN: Into the hills: a Bohemian diversion

BORDERPOST: By the razor’s edge: western Poland

WORDS: Choreographing opinion

ROUTES: Tales from the A39


  • A question of numbers
  • Dollars and cents
  • Rail timetable reborn
  • The idea of ‘good’ borders
  • Preview of next issue


hidden europe no. 42 (spring 2014)
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