This is the fourth issue of hidden europe magazine published in September 2005.

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  • the central European spa tradition 
  • out of Gehenna: a Ukrainina portrait
  • vi offro fiori: Slovenia's Soca valley
  • time & tide: Morecambe Bay (by David Cawley)

CONSUMING MATTERS: wine made by the old rules

ROUTES: crossing Lough Foyle

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: on the monastic trail: Oronsay

SIGHTS: diminutive curiosities

BOOKS: Swedish clues: detecting Inspector Wallander

PERSPECTIVE: Baltic limits

HIDDEN HISTORIES: tragic waters: the sinking of the Arandora Star

SPECIAL SPACES: privileged places: a small town eulogy


  • Jewish legacies 
  • preview
  • islands for sale 
  • Riga is silent
  • landfall in Iceland
  • salt splashes

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hidden europe no. 4 (Sept / Oct 2005)
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