This is the third issue of hidden europe magazine published in July 2005.

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  • against all odds: forgotten minorities 
  • tangled territories: European enclaves & exclaves
  • marking time. La Chaux-de-Fonds & the Jura
  • two smiling men in Ventspils (by Amanda Kendle)

CAPITAL MOMENTS: Parisian impressions

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: a tundra sketch: notes from an Arctic island

BORDERPOST: the Ile des Faisans

PERSPECTIVE: back to the wall: Ústí nad Labem

HIDDEN HISTORIES: a CLyde connection

RAILSCAN: lost links: the demise of Europe's night trains

FESTIVALS: the shadow of Mandinga

CONSUMING MATTERS: plums, walnuts & cilantro: a taste of Georgia

OFF LIMITS: Kraków and beyond

ROUTES: el Camino del Rey: Andalucía


  • Paris: decoding the suburbs
  • preview
  • preserving Arctic wilds 
  • raindrops keep falling
  • overnight luxury
  • eastwards by car

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hidden europe no. 3 (July / Aug 2005)
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