This is the twenty-sixth issue of hidden europe magazine, published in May 2009.

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  • a hundred years of change: Jovici (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • lakeside strategies: Bad Saarow
  • rock and rituals: Roskilde
  • Urzainki connections (by Karlos Zurutuza)

SPECIAL SPACES: from Abisko to Kosterhavet: national parks

BOOKS: global versus local: the pursuit of uniqueness

CONSUMING MATTERS: Europe's sweeter side

FERRYSCAN: night boat to Holland

OUTPOST: swallowed by the sea: Jordsand

WORDS: passionate nomads

MAPS: a powerful inducement to travel


  • Tatra politics
  • muddy waters
  • shipping news
  • radishes on Hesselö
  • preview
hidden europe no. 26 (May/June 2009)
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