This is the twenty-fifth issue of hidden europe magazine published on 1 March 2009.

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  • Plopsaland to Preventorium: Belgium's costal tram
  • Belarus: Tanya's story (by Nigel Roberts)
  • Latvia: song is power (by Toby Screech)
  • Nothern Cyprus: Famagusta (by Laurence Mitchell)

ROUTES: rallying support for the nation

PERSPECTIVE: a manifesto for slow travel

WORDS: keeping faith with the past: Iceland

RAILSCAN: Britain's weakest links

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Budapest: tomb of the roses

OUTPOST: dates galore: the Palmeral de Elche

SIGHTS: architecture of deceit

SPECIAL SPACES: the princess of Lake Van (by Karlos Zurutuza)


  • more than a streetcar
  • northern palms
  • Pomor visa fiasco
  • Latvia's liv minority
  • preview
hidden europe no. 25 (March / April 2009)
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