This is the twenty third issue of hidden europe magazine published on 1 November 2008.

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  • of cabbages and kinder: Golzow, east Germany (by Bryn Frank) 
  • Istanbul's western districts (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • an English Eden: Tresco 
  • exploring the European Arctic

BORDERPOST: footnotes to history - lost microstates

PERSPECTIVE: election special

MOMENTS: Medvednica (by Kelly Schierman)

SPECIAL SPACES: children of the Russian century

CITYSCAPES: coffee and cake - a Belgrade centenary

BOOKS: in her element

OUTPOST: one summer of fame - Kukes in Albania

RAILSCAN: all change - 2009 rail schedules


  • Hugo connections
  • Simenon in Liège
  • autumn in Trieste 
  • Filfla (Malta)
  • preview
hidden europe no. 23 (Nov / Dec 2008)
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