This is the twenty-second issue of hidden europe magazine published in September 2008.

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  • wrong turn at Koblenz: the Moselle valley 
  • Velebit: a mountain in Croatia (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • a link to the continent: about balloons and high speed trains 
  • crossing the Dniester (by Karlos Zurutuza)

SPECIAL SPACES: city credentials

FLIGHT SCAN: checking airline routes on the web

PEOPLE: Edith Durham (by Rudolf Abraham)

WORDS: Leitrim landscapes (with a poem by Paul Hadfield)

BOOKS: Belarus: a new Bradt Guide

FAITH: piety and community: the Moravian Brethren

AFTERTHOUGHT: geography matters: exploring the placeless brand


  • Alpiniøya (Spitsbergen) 
  • preview
  • flying to Fair Isle 
  • a noble commune
  • Greenland banknotes
  • blessed bread
  • in praise of birches
hidden europe no. 22 (Sept / Oct 2008)
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