This is the twenty first issue of hidden europe magazine published on 4 July 2008.

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  • from Prussia to Russia: Kaliningrad
  • Málaga: Atarazanas Market (by Theresa O'Shea)
  • Maltese arrivals
  • both sides of the Dniester: Moldova (by Laurence Mitchell)

CAPITAL MOMENTS: rediscovering our rivers: the Thames experience

FLIGHT SCAN: rotor heaven: Europe's helicopter links

PEOPLE: travellers' tales

ROUTES: the Via Sacra

CONSUMING MATTERS: national tipples

BORDERPOST: a town united: Valga / Valka (by Neil Taylor)

WORDS: in praise of limestone (with text by Helen Martin)


  • border traffic 
  • preview
  • restaurante Los Pueblos 
  • threads
  • innovation vs. imitation
  • harefares or hare-brained
  • the exotic Baltic
hidden europe no. 21 (July / Aug 2008)
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