This is the eighteenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in January 2008.

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  • women's lives in High Albania (by Anjeza Cikopano and Antonia Young)
  • city of illusions: London
  • a terrible peace: Bosnia
  • from coal to tourism: creating new landscapes

SPECIAL SPACES: temples of pleasure

ROUTES: slow travel: Europe by train

BORDERPOST: Europe's fading borders

OUTPOST: life in Lovas (Croatia)

CAPITAL MOMENTS: Helsinki by tram

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: an icon of identity: the Faroese flag

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Jewish legacies: southeast France (by Peter Wortsman)


  • a London palindrome
  • preview
  • train times
  • Norway transposed
  • threads 

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hidden europe no. 18 (Jan / Feb 2008)
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