This is the seventeenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in November 2007.

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  • La Vía de la Plata: Spain (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • the islands of the mad: Venice (by Michelle Lovric)
  • Belgian border business: Moresnet
  • the road to Abergwesyn

PERSPECTIVE: evoking a sense of place: literary cartography

CONSUMING MATTERS: enough to make you eat your words

SPECIAL SPACES: building the future: Berlin's Hansa Quarter

MAPS: cartographic visions of a changing Europe

FASHION: silk maps

MONEY MATTERS: the 100 euro challenge: how far can you travel?

PEOPLE: double enigma

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: mapping the skies: the Swedish island of Ven


  • devoutly Bosnian 
  • preview
  • hidden Yerevan (by Karlos Zurutuza) 
  • crossing the Urals 
  • threads 
  • alchemy in Brussels
  • palindromic puzzles

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hidden europe no. 17 (Nov / Dec 2007)
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