This is the sixteenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in September 2007.

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  • tilting at windmills: from la Mancha to Andalucía 
  • a question of balance: Bydgoszcz
  • no ordinary boat trip: northern Norway
  • in search of the Water Man: the Sorbs of Lusatia

FASHION: see and be seen: Hungary

PERSPECTIVE: divided by a common border: the Narva river

ROUTES: an ancient Finnish highway: the Ox Road

COMMUNITIES: in the spirit of Che Guevara: Marinaleda

WORDS: from alpha to omega: European alphabets

BORDERPOST: Uskok outposts: where Croatia meets Slovenia

ON LOCATION: make believe: the geography of films

SPECIAL SPACES: la Grande Chartreuse


  • Iskenderun
  • preview
  • international rail tickets 
  • threads 
  • robocop R Bot 101 
  • Svalbard links

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hidden europe no. 16 (Sept / Oct 2007)
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