This is the fifteenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in July 2007.

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  • where towering cliffs in ocean stand: Lofoten
  • castles in the air: Svaneti (by Karlos Zurutuza)
  • night train to Narvik
  • fireworks frenzy: Malta (by Victor Paul Borg)

MOMENTS: witches and waltzes: May Day in a Czech spa town

HIDDEN HISTORIES: Prague: communist memories (by Mark Baker)

EUROPE BEYOND EUROPE: Spanish strongholds: exclaves in North Africa

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Ruhnu: another Eiffel tower

CONSUMING MATTERS: speed dining: train fare

SPECIAL SPACES: labours of love: allotment gardens

PERSPECTIVE: Arctic artefacts: rubbish or heritage?

ROUTES: keep left - tenez à gauche - links fahren!


  • icons or eyesores
  • preview
  • summer feasts 
  • seaplanes & helicopters 
  • squirrel shades

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hidden europe no. 15 (July / Aug 2007)
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