This is the fourteenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in May 2007.

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  • border zone: Lake Prespa (by Christopher Deliso)
  • frozen in time: a border town in Belarus
  • the soul of Estonia: Saaremaa (by Neil Taylor)
  • thinking about festivals

SPECIAL SPACES: Marne-la-Vallée: pure fantasy

ROUTES: beckoning rocks: Elie chain walk (by James Carron)

EUROPE BEYOND EUROPE: island in the sun

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: what's in a name: the island of Jan Mayen

BORDERPOST: what makes a country?

PERSPECTIVE: without let or hindrance: passports of yesteryear

MAPS: mapping routes: some unusual waymarks

PEOPLE: travel for the millions: Thomas Cook (with an appreciation of Ben Haines)


  • peace parks 
  • preview
  • Estonian links 
  • a European map 
  • Trans-Caucasus rail link

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hidden europe no. 14 (May / June 2007)
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