This is the thirteenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in March 2007.

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  • Switzerland: the Bernina connection
  • two communities in Banat (by Laurence Mitchell)
  • rest-stops for the soul: churches for travellers 
  • Paradise lost: Nagorno Karabakh (by Nicky Gardner and Karlos Zurutuza)

PERSPECTIVE: the seven wonders of Europe

ROUTES: coastal pedalling: around teh North Sea

WORDS: a land of many tongues: Vojvodina

FERRY SCAN: turbulent waters

OUTPOST: another kind of Chernobyl

SPECIAL SPACES: in splendid isolation: Scotland

PEOPLE: remembering Cheryl Summerbee

MAPS: mere conventions: meridian lines


  • Latvian border links
  • preview
  • forbidden zones 
  • dice to Europanto?
  • turtle notes 

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hidden europe no. 13 (March / April 2007)
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