This is the twelfth issue of hidden europe magazine published in January 2007.

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  • Potsdam's hidden history
  • the hofjes of Haarlem (by Richard Tulloch) 
  • a Polish port: Frombork 
  • on the night train

PERSPECTIVE: in praise of good planning

HIDDEN HISTORIES: communal living: béguinages

CONSUMING MATTERS: an edible Eden: rural Piemonte (by Peter Wortsman)

BORDERPOST: on the edge: Rezovo, Bulgaria

MONEY MATTERS: more than just dots

WORDS: found in translation: Romania

ROUTES: a secret motorway

MOMENTS: arrivals


  • unsung Brussels 
  • preview
  • an Azeri national symbol 
  • the Kaliningrad puzzle
  • atobahn affairs 

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hidden europe no. 12 (Jan / Feb 2007)
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